Web platform that allows businesses to collect feedback from their customers

Dowy is a very easy-to-use platform that bases its operation on the creation of surveys to be answered by the customers of a business.

It is focused on allowing managers to obtain feedback from their customers on specific aspects of their businesses: price, quality, service… but it also includes a feature that encourages customers to become followers of the local’s social networks. All this allowing the regent to offer a reward to the client for their participation in the survey. Everybody wins!

It has been developed as a web platform so that it can be accessed from any browser and from any device without the need to download anything. The purpose of its simple design is to achieve an understandable interface for all audiences.


Own project




Interface design

Custom software development

Corporate identity design


Bootstrap · Laravel (PHP) · Docker · MySQL

La opinión de El Pulpo Rojo

“Decidí contar con desaway para ampliar mi negocio con un nuevo proyecto, los elegí porque vi que era una empresa joven que acababa de comenzar y a día de hoy volvería a elegirlos. Un trato muy correcto en todo momento, grandes profesionales y resolutivos. Un gran equipo humano detrás del nombre!! Totalmente recomendable”

Mario Gastone Buleo Chiarucci

Propietario de El Pulpo Rojo

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